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My journey from graduating with a business degree to launching the Mindful Biz Academy has been an interesting one, spanning almost 25 years, a career change and a lot of learning along the way.  Here you will find a space that offers information, tools, tips and resources to help you feel confident and maintain balance while running your own business.   

You can also book 1:1 coaching session for a specific topic or a number of sessions if you are looking to launch or grow your business. 

“Life is always teaching us and often it is only when we look at it backwards, that everything makes sense. The journey to setting up the Mindful Biz Academy has been one of learning, growing and many valuable lessons along the way.

Cathy Dowden

Mindful Biz Academy

A little bit about me….. 

I’ve always been fascinated by business, so when it came to which degree to study, Business was the obvious choice.  After graduating in 1998 – yes, a long time ago! – I worked in sales & marketing before relocating to London and working in the shiny world of recruitment and banking as an executive assistant.  

Initially I loved everything about the corporate world … the energy, the smart buildings towering into the sky, in-house gyms, juice bars and it seemed everything you could possibly need.  But in reality, the work was demanding with long hours,  high stress and over the years I watched many of my colleagues reach burnout and leave, or get signed-off on long term sick leave.  I realised this was not the world I wanted after all.

In 2004, I decided to look at other career options and signed up for the London School of Reflexology.  Here, I discovered a whole new world of energy, balance and wellness.  After graduating in 2005 I studied various other natural therapies and set up my very first business, Inner Tranquility – a lovely calming therapy practice which I ran in Canary Wharf.

Fast forward a 17 years, two children, three country moves and another business .. or two … and of course a global pandemic…. and in 2021 I launched the Mindful Biz Academy.

I’ve spent countless hours and thousands of pounds on courses, workshops, amazing coaches and masterclasses learning valuable tools in both business and wellbeing.

My desire now is to use this knowledge and wisdom to help other female entrepreneurs to start and grow your own business while maintaining balance, reducing overwhelm.  

Cathy x

Cathy Dowden